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From Aimee Ann’s Red Headed Book Lover Blog:

Regrets To Die For is a book that I would define as the perfect escape and a book that will thrill, delight and shock its readers within just a few chapters. The premise of Regrets To Die For is one that hooked me straight away, I love historical mystery novels, and I love even more when they are set someplace exotic. Regrets To Die For is set in beautiful Italy and the descriptions are stunning, but I will expand on these thoughts of mine later! What I want to write is that Loretta Giacoletto has chosen the perfect location for her novel and all of you readers will find out why if you decide to read the phenomenal book that is Regrets To Die For.

Regrets To Die For follows the two female protagonists of the novel who also happen to be sisters. Ellen and Margo are the focus of the story and so is the mystery of their family roots. Ellen and Margo are in Italy and once then they start to investigate some nagging thoughts about their grandmother Clarita, shocking truths will come to light. The result of this is a shocking, sometimes harrowing, thrilling story and if you, like me adore mystery and suspense which revolves around family life/drama then Regrets To Die For will be the perfect read for you.

The story of Regrets To Die For was an unusual read for, and this is because I never usually come across novels such as this one and I will explain why. Regrets To Die For is a mystery novel, however, it revolves around the protagonists family and troubling secrets; family mysteries are hard to discover so when I found this one I knew I had to read it! Regrets To Die For is brilliant for many reasons but one of these reasons is because it combines many themes which would not typically work together unless weaved by an excellent author such as Loretta Giacoletto! Themes such as history, murder, romance, and family are all weaved together flawlessly and the result if a stunning exploration into mystery that will entertain readers for hours.

Loretta Giacoletto is the woman behind Regrets To Die For and she is an incredibly accomplished writer who knows how to thrill her readers. I admit that Giacoletto is a newly discovered author of mine but gosh did I wish I found her work sooner! That is why I am so happy to be sharing her work with you today so do not pass up on reading her excellent work. Giacoletto is clearly an author who is making waves in the literary world because she was named a finalist in the 2015 and 2014 Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project… what an accomplishment! Either way, I am rambling and need to focus on her literature laced throughout her book!

Loretta Giacoletto’s literature is magnificent and will flow beautifully from one page to the next at a perfect pace. The descriptions of the events and places laced between the pages of Regrets To Die For are breathtaking and will have readers reading in awe. The descriptions of Italy, in particular, were stunning so if you are a reader who loves to be lost in a mesmerizing place while reading a juicy story, then you will adore this book.

As Regrets To Die For is an impressive piece of fiction that will delight as well as charm and excite its readers with its thrilling content and jaw-dropping moments, I, of course, have to award this wonderful book five stars!


About Loretta Giacoletto

Loretta Giacoletto is an American writer of family sagas, mysteries, and contemporary fiction, all of which contain elements of crime. She divides her time between the St. Louis Metropolitan area and Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks where she writes fiction, essays, and her bi-monthly blog, Loretta on Life, while her husband Dominic cruises the waters for bass and crappie. Their five children have left the once chaotic nest but occasionally return for her to-die-for ravioli and roasted peppers topped with garlic-laden bagna càuda. An avid traveler, she has visited numerous countries in Europe and Asia but Italy remains her favorite, especially the area from where her family originates: the Piedmont region near the Italian Alps. - See more at: http://www.loretta-giacoletto.com
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