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Outlander Revisited

In May 2015 I wrote about the Starz TV extravaganza Outlander, having discovered this time-travel/romance/historical adventure toward the end of Season One. Talk about hooked, I could not get enough of Outlander, which, of course, then extended to the entire … Continue reading

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It’s Shaping Up

“It’s shaping up,” as my piano teacher from long ago used to tell me. Words to live by, I can finally say the same about my current work-in-progress, Memories to Die For from The Savino Sisters Mystery Series. I’m almost … Continue reading

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That Time of Year Again

Well, it’s that time of the year again. What was supposed to be my lavender-bordered herb garden has evolved into a pleasant mishmash of rosemary, tarragon, oregano, and two varieties of sage combined with pink Monarda (bee balm), yellow Coreopsis, … Continue reading

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Saga of My Laptops

In a previous life, prior to current one as a writer, my first PC laptop was an IBM purchased from a big box store no longer in business. The IBM served me well, along with a PC desktop equipped with … Continue reading

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Books and More Books

What’s on your bookshelves and where are those shelves located? Mine are scattered throughout the house, starting with our family room with a wall of built-ins surrounding the fireplace. And no, those shelves are not an excuse to display decorative … Continue reading

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In the Name of Research

It’s official. There’s no turning back. Isn’t that what non-refundable means? As in the purchase of roundtrip airline tickets at the lowest rate possible, as in a deal too good to pass up. Even if we didn’t want to go, … Continue reading

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